7 steps

I feel like I have two vocational callings — fighting extreme poverty by empowering local leaders and helping others learn to do good.  I’m sure I will spend the rest of my days leaning into them.

In this series, I will share with you how we took a $1000 investment and raised close to $3 million in revenue for Help One Now.

We can’t do it alone and we can no longer be content with “how it’s been done in the past”. We need to honor the past work and organizations as we are building off of their legacy. But we also must realize that we need to concentrate on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

I want to help churches, nonprofits, social innovators and entrepreneurs launch, scale and succeed so they can do good in our world and solve problems. This is important and we need the holistic nature that these streams of influence all have.

So, this Sunday I’m launching a 7 week series. These are seven fundamental, but much needed, building blocks to help launch and scale your organization. Maybe it’s a nonprofit, church or business, these steps will relevant to all.

7 leaders

Step 1: The Decision
Step 2: The Team
Step 3: The Power of Story
Step 4: Funding
Step 5: The Tribe
Step 6: Execution
Step 7: Celebrate 


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