A Company Without Strategy is Like a Ship Without Rudder

Did you know that when the HR department is too strong, it can participate in the corporate level strategy of the organization and the HR head of this department in this situation will be “HR Strategic Partner”.?!

But always the HR department participates in Business level strategy and the HR director in this situation will be “HR Business Partner” and he will be responsible for align the strategic goals of organization with the HR department goals to implement the business strategy of the organization throw all employees. Also you should know that there is 4 kinds of business strategies. They are:

–         The low-cost leadership strategy

–         Differentiation Competitive Strategy

–         Focus Business Strategy

–          Focus Low Cost Strategy

Now if you want to play advanced role in your organization you should take the decision to be a successful strategic partner and make change easily.

Extensive experience in all of the Human Resources functions, My primary career objective is to balance the needs and goals of both the company and the workforce. I am a strong believer that HR strategies can affect the organization's profitability, as the company workforce is one of the most important assets that drive a company's success.


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