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7 خطوات تضمن لك التّحفيز الذاتي للنجاح

التحفيز هو الشيء الوحيد الذي يدفعنا نحو الأمام لتحقيق أهدافنا، فهناك من فشل وتوقّف، وهناك من نجح بعد فشل ذريع، فالفارق مابين الناجح والفاشل هو الحافز لإنجاز الهدف حتى النهاية، ولكن، ماذا لو كان هذا الحافز داخلياً؟؟ عندها بالتأكيد لن يعيقنا أي شيء للوصول إلى أهدافنا وتطلّعاتنا في الحياة مهما

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Nine Qualities all HR Professionals Should Have

1) Clarity of Thoughts – In most of the situations and circumstances, we come across two options; either we want to do or we don’t want to do; either we agree to it or we don’t agree to it; either it is acceptable or it is not acceptable; either you

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REASONS OF FAILURE 1. Lack of a specific purpose in life : – You can not hope to succeed in any field of your life if you don’t have a central purpose. If you don’t have a definite goal in your life then you will jump from one activity to

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The 8 habits of Highly Productive People

THE 8 HABITS OF HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE   Habit 1: Ruthlessly cut away the unimportant (and Focus on the important) Habit 2: Allocate breaks strategically (Rest when you are tired) Habit 3: Remove productivity pitstops (Things that limit your productivity) Habit 4: Tap into your inspiration (Channel your inner muse) Habit

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The 4 Metrics You Must Track (And What To Do With Them)

  Historically, human resources hasn’t exactly been high on the list of departments that make use of metrics. But in an age where we have more access to data than ever, there’s no reason it should stay that way. If we in the HR world truly want to create stronger,

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