Make Your Move to HR Career _ Your First Steps

We’re delighted to announce our workshop, entitled as “ Make Your Move to HR Career _ Your First Steps  ” The workshop covers fresh graduates level with content of 6 Months of work experience.
Our workshop will help you to take your first step in the HR Career, You will learn and practice with us, after attending our workshop you will have the required knowledge to successfully have your first job.

Trainer Name, Title and Bio:
Mr. Ahmed Abdul Qader “Assistant HR Manager at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts”

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Make Your Move to HR Career _ Your First Steps

Workshop Program:
Two Day
11:00 Am till 4:00 PM including pray and lunch break

Make Your Move to HR Career _ Your First Steps


Human Resources Introduction:

1) What is Human Resource Management?
2) Human Resource Management Divisions
3) What is HR Career Path?

Social Insurance:
1) Social Insurance File Opening
2) Social Insurance Signature Delegation Form
3) Social Insurance Form2
4)Add New Employee to Social Insurance & Required Documents
5) Social Insurance Form 1
6) Remove an employee from Insurance & Required Documents
7) Social Insurance Form 6
8) Variable & Fixed Salary Calculation
9) Social Insurance Payments for Employee and Company
10) Social Insurance Codes

Labor Law Summary:
1) Employee Files and Required Document
2) Employment Contract
3) Probation Period
4) Employment Contract Termination
5) Insider Policy
6) Penalty
7) Labor Law Coupon
8) The Main records
9) 5 % Handicapped

1) Vacations Balance Law
2) Calculation of Proportional Vacation Balance
3) Track Attendance Sheet and Vacation Sheets
4) Sick Leave and Documents

Recruitment and Selection:
1) Process of Recruitment and Selection
2) Recruitment Guidelines