When connecting to LinkedIn, people would simply think it is just an online page for my CV to post! That’s why most users do the mistake of simply copying and pasting their CVs on their profile and just forgetting all about it.

News flash: this is completely wrong.

LinkedIn is a designed platform for professionals around the world. Think of it as one big company that has infinite employees in different departments. Your role will be to expose yourself to people who matter, to the ones who might have the key to your dream job.

Getting noticed on LinkedIn is quiet easy, and you do not need to have a premium or featured account. You can simply do the following steps.

  • LinkedIn is all about connections. You need to build your networks wisely. Do not add people randomly, you need to select the connections who fit in your field, the ones who will add up to your expertise. This platform is a great space to exchange knowledge between your peers.
  • Your title matters, so make sure it is clear and linked to your company’s LinkedIn profile. It is very important that you add as well, the job responsibilities you do, so whoever is viewing your CV will know exactly what you do. In the corporate world, most of us give the extra mile in our jobs we do not stick to the job description we signed for.
  • Develop your account by interacting with people through endorsements, likes, shares, and comments. It is a great step to build your own community here.
  • Work on filling the missing parts. LinkedIn is not just your jobs and positions, it is a profile on your professional life as a whole. Make sure you have a clear summary that shows who you are, and what direction you are headed to. Try to add as many skills as you want. The magical tool is the recommendations, help others so they can help you.
  • Add links to your profile like presentations, TV shows, YouTube videos, whatever it is, just add it. It will boost your profile among others.
  • Edit your profile from spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes means you are sloppy and lazy. Remember that a company’s name is always capitalized, even fifth graders know this!
  • Last but not least, be friendly but professional. LinkedIn is not Facebook so keep it clean, no need for the Facebook drama.

Keep it professional!

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