Functions of HR Professionals:

•          The process of HRD consists of 4 basic functions:

–        Acquisition of human resources

•          Process of identifying and employing people possessing required level of skills

•          Job Analysis

•          HRP

•          Recruitment

•          Selection

–        Development of human resources

•          Process of improving, moulding and changing the skills, knowledge and ability of an employee

•          Employee Training

•          Management Development

•          Career Development

–        Motivation of human resources

•          Process of integrating people into a work situation in a way that it encourages them to perform / deliver to the best of their ability

•          Understanding needs

•          Designing motivators

•          Monitoring

–        Maintenance of human resources

•          Process of providing employees the working conditions that help maintain their motivation and commitment to the organisation

•          Satisfaction Levels

•          Retention

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