Staffing Action For New recruit

Before You Recruit

  • Review the organization’s recruitment and selection policy and/or practices
  • Review the strategic and operational plans to determine if the position should be filled
  • Confirm that funding exists to recruit for and staff the position
  • Obtain the necessary approvals to staff the position
  • Develop a job description if the position is new
  • Review and update the job description for an existing position
  • Decide on the type of employment (full-time; part-time; permanent; contract; short-term; etc)
  • Identify constraints that will have an impact on the staffing process (need someone soon; specialized skills; supply/demand, etc)

Establish the recruitment and selection criteria

  • Develop recruitment and selection criteria based on the job description
  • Establish the minimum qualification for the position
  • Review all recruitment and selection criteria to ensure they are job-related and measurable
  • Ensure that all recruitment and selection criteria comply with Human Rights Legislation

 Recruitment process 

  • Determine the best method for recruiting for the position
  • Draft the job announcement using the job description, minimum  qualifications and selection criteria
  • Include the following in the job announcement:
    • Application deadline
    • Request for references
    • Start date
    • Salary range
    • Contact information
    • Format for submission
  • Ensure that the job announcement complies with Human Rights Legislation 

Selection process

Before the Interview:

  • Plan the interview process:
  • Number of rounds of interviews
  • Number of interviewers
  • Length of the interview
  • Location of the interview
  • Date of the interviews
  • Any materials the candidate should bring to the interview
    • Ask colleagues to sit on the interview panel
    • Give the interview panel the logistical information about the interviews
    • Develop the interview questions
    • Prepare an interview rating guide
    • Develop a reference check guide
    • Prepare a reference release form
    • Ensure that the interview questions, reference questions and other selection criteria comply with Human Rights Legislation
    • Prescreen applications using the selection criteria
    • Set up the interviews with the selected candidates
    • Forward the applications of those candidates being interviewed to the interview panel
    • Forward the interview questions and interview rating guide to the interview panel
    • Meet with the interview panel to brief them on the interview process

Conduct the Interview

  • Review the candidate’s application before each interview
  • Welcome the candidate to the interview
  • Introduce the interview panel
  • Explain the interview process
  • Rate the candidate’s responses to the questions
  • Give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions
  • Close the interview by explaining the next step and thanking the candidate for coming to the interview
  • Ensure that the discussion and the note taking during the interview complies with Human Rights Legislation

After the Interview

  • Finalize your interview notes


Select the right candidate

  • Use other selection methods as appropriate
  • Telephone the references
  • Use the reference checking guide to document the conversation

Conclude the staffing process

  • Make your decision and review it
  • Make a verbal offer of the position to the selected candidate
  • Follow-up the verbal offer in writing
  • Prepare the job contract and have it signed before the new staff member starts work
  • Send out rejection letters to the other candidates that were interviewed
  • Set up a competition file
  • Complete the paperwork necessary for the new staff member to start work


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