Training and Development

Training Process

Training is the systematic development of the attitude, knowledge, skill pattern required by a person to perform a given task or job adequately and development is ‘the growth of the individual in terms of ability, understanding and awareness’

Management of Training Function


  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Identification of Training Needs (Methods)
  • Individual Training Needs Identification

1.    Performance Appraisals

2.    Interviews

3.    Questionnaires

4.    Attitude Surveys

5.    Training Progress Feedback

6.    Work Sampling

7.    Rating Scales

Group Level Training Needs Identification

1.    Organizational Goals and Objectives

2.    Personnel / Skills Inventories

3.    Organizational Climate Indices

4.    Efficiency Indices

5.    Exit Interviews

6.    MBO / Work Planning Systems

7.    Quality Circles

8.    Customer Satisfaction Survey

9.    Analysis of Current and Anticipated Changes

Benefits of Training Needs Identification

1.    Trainers can be informed about the broader needs in advance

2.    Trainers Perception Gaps can be reduced between employees and their supervisorsTrainers can design course inputs closer to the specific needs of the participants

3.    Diagnosis of causes of performance deficiencies can be done

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