Performance Coaching Process

BEFORE THE APPRAISAL Keep good records Both praise and criticism are most meaningful when supported by factual examples
Review previous goals Use previous goals to evaluate progress
Get input from others Seek feedback from others who work with the appraisee in areas they will have objective knowledge of and get examples where available
Prepare carefully Prepare in advance so that you can deliver the message that you intend to
Prepare administrative details
  • agree on a time – set aside at least one hour. Avoid postponing the appointment, and give the employee full attention.
  • select a location – office or conference room is best.
  • ask employee to prepare – ask the employee to review his/her goals, and come prepared with questions.
DURING THE APPRAISAL Explain the meeting agenda Outline what is about to happen for the session
Encourage communication
  • listen
  • encourage two-way communication
  • ask for ideas on how they can improve their performance
  • ask for how they feel you can help them
  • ask for feedback on the appraisal section
Stay focused Keep the session focussed on past and future performance, summarise discussion issues often to ensure agreement
Communicating shortcomings The employee expects and should know what he/she needs to improve
Be open Be versatile and open-minded if you hear things that cause you to change your opinion
DURING THE APPRAISAL Evaluation process
  • Begin with the positive things that were well done
  • Follow this with areas that need improvement and a plan on how to address them
  • Conclude with a reinforcement of your desire to help the person grow and improve
Making promises Don’t make promises you do not have control over (e.g. salary increments, promotions, transfers etc)
Review goals Concentrate on a few areas- things that make a difference.  Try to encourage continuation and growth in the areas of strength. Set up “smart” goals that will build strength in areas needing attention
  • Complete the paperwork required for the results of the appraisal
  • Make sure the appraisee signs on the bottom line
  • Mark the calendar on when your next appraisal session with the person will be
Follow-up Follow-up on agreements made during the appraisal
Learning Review what you have learnt about the employee, your records and systems, yourself, the appraisal process and your management style

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